Ventilator Circuit Breathing Circuit Corrugated Tubes Smoothbore With Watertraps

Breathing Circuit
Ventilator Circuit Breathing Circuit Corrugated Tubes Smoothbore With Watertraps
By air or sea
1 piece
- Medical grade material

- Size: adult, pediatric, infant

- Non-sterile

- Shelf-time: 5 years

Ventilator circuit is a medical device comprises of tubing that connects the ventilator to the patient. It helps in assisting the delivery of oxygen and inhalation of

anesthetic agents to the patient. It basically connects the gas pathway of the patient’s lungs to the mechanical ventilator.


- Light weight, enhancing patient's comfort.

- Match all kinds of anaesthetic and breathing machines.

- Smoothbore with water traps.

- High transparency for good visibility.

- Sampling line, extra limb are available upon customer's request.

- Available in a variety of lengths.

- Optional Y connector with monitoring for easy sampling and testing.

- Smooth inner wall, reinforced outer cover. Soft tube body, not easy to bend, good transparency.

- Convenient for medical staff to observe the condensate collected from water trap and pipeline.

- Optional vertical water trap, Optional children model.

- Standard ISO interface.

1. Use under instruction of anesthetist or ICU doctor.

2. Before use, test the circuit according to anesthesia or breathing system operation procedure.

- Individual bag

EL063101φ22mm, 1*160cm+2*80cm Corrugated Tubes, Adult
EL063102φ15mm, 1*150cm+2*75cm Corrugated Tubes, Pediatric
EL063103φ22mm, 4*80cm Corrugated Tubes, Adult
EL063104φ22mm, 4*75cm Corrugated Tubes, Pediatric
EL063105φ22mm, 1*160cm+2*80cm Smoothbore Tubes, Adult
EL063106φ15mm, 1*150cm+2*75cm Smoothbore Tubes, Pediatric
EL063107φ22mm, 4*80cm Smoothbore Tubes, Adult
EL063108φ22mm, 4*75cm Smoothbore Tubes, Pediatric