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External Catheter Urine Latex/Silicone Catheter Disposable Sterile Medical Grade

latex external catheter
External Catheter Urine Latex/Silicone Catheter Disposable Sterile Medical Grade
By air or sea
- Medical grade latex

- Size: 20mm~40mm

- Shelf-time: 3 years

Latex Catheter is a soft, flexible tube that is used to drain urine from the bladder. Its thermo-sensitive property allows it to warm up to the surrounding temperatures

so that it becomes pliable. Some people find that the latex catheter is preferable to the vinyl or silicone ones due to its flexibility.

- Latex External Catheter Type.

- Standard type and With a bulb.

- Type: With strip and Self-adhesive, with glue.

- Individual pack                                                                                                                                                                                   

EL-070901Medical grade latex/Size:φ20mm
EL-070902Medical grade latex/Size:φ25mm
EL-070903Medical grade latex/Size:φ30mm
EL-070904Medical grade latex/Size:φ35mm
EL-070905Medical grade latex/Size:φ40mm